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Cost of Conservatories

Adding a conservatory to your property can be an exciting home expansion plan. However, it’s essential to understand the factors that influence the cost of conservatories.

Factors Affecting Costs of Conservatories:

Conservatory Size: Larger conservatories generally cost more.
Building Materials: The type of materials used impacts the price. For example, natural stone is more expensive than brick.
Frame Colour: Different frame colours have varying costs.
Roof Type: Tiled roofs are pricier than glass roofs.
Number of Doors and Windows: More openings increase costs.
Roof Design and Insulation: These affect energy efficiency.
Flooring Material: Tiles are more expensive than laminate.
Heating Options: Underfloor heating costs more than wall heaters.
Regulatory and Compliance Costs: Building regulations and approvals add to the overall expense.

Cost of conservatories

It’s essential to explore different options and consult our professionals to find the best fit for your home and budget.

The costings mentioned below is a rough estimate from one of the
UK’s most experienced and reputable conservatory companies.

White PVCu Conservatory with Solar Performance Glass Roof:

  • Approximately £1,800 per square meter.
  • Inclusions: Building work, electrics, plastering, and laminate flooring.
  • Factors affecting cost: Conservatory size, frame colour, style & custom features.
White pvcu conservatory costs

White PVCu “Orangery Style” with Internal Pelmet & Solar Glass Roof:

  • Estimated cost: Around £2,000 per square meter.
  • Includes: Internal pelmet, LED downlights, and external cornice.
Cost of conservatories orangery style white pvcu

Aluminium Conservatory with Solar Performance Glass Roof:

  • Stock colour aluminium conservatory: Approximately £2,500 per square meter.
  • Custom colour option: Adds about 5% to the total cost.
Cost of conservatores Aluminium with solar glass roof cost

Solid Roof Conservatory with Glass Sections (if required):

  • New tiled roof extension: Between £3,000 and £3,500 per square meter.
  • Inclusions: Building regulations, all building work, plastering, electrics and laminate flooring.
Cost of conservatores with tiled roof

Cost of Conservatories FAQ's

The cost of a new conservatory varies based on factors such as size, style and materials used. As a rough guide:

    • Small conservatories might range from £15,000 to £20,000.
    • Larger and more complex designs can cost over £30,000

Several factors influence the cost:

    • Size and style: Larger conservatories generally cost more.
    • Materials: The type of frame, roof and glazing affects the price.
    • Additional features: Flooring, heating and electrical work add to the overall expense.
    • Groundworks: Groundworks refer to the essential tasks involved in preparing a construction site. These tasks include investigating the ground, clearing the site, installing foundations and setting up drainage systems.

Yes! Choosing a cheap conservatory doesn’t mean compromising on quality. For a standard 3m x 3m conservatory prices start at approximately £16,950 for PVCu. 

At Somerset Sunrooms, there are no hidden costs or last-minute surprises, they do not shy away from quoting actual costs. They know that customers will get at least two or three quotations for their new conservatory before deciding on their installer.

The construction time depends on the complexity and size of the conservatory. On average, it takes a few weeks to complete the installation.

A well-designed conservatory can add value to your property. You could consult your local estate agent to assess the potential increase to your house value.

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